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Fiber bunnies are free!

Last night I went about the house picking up any stray fiber bunnies that had escaped the great wrangling which I had attempted to do of my stash. I must say I am rather pleased with my progress. I still need to clear our the corner where they will stay forever, but now the fiber stash looks like this…

5 Bins of yarns

During the great round-up of fiber bunnies one tried to escape…but the kids happily attempted to scare it into submission.

Scare them into the bins.

Today I took a break from thinking about the fairy coat all the time.  I was so exhausted last night from my two-day binge of thinking about knitting. So instead I spun some of the most amazingly lovely Baby Camel and silk (50/50) fiber from Corgi Hill Farm. This is one of my favorite places to get fiber, she has an amazing sense of color and her fiber blends are lovely.

This lovely blend of baby camel, and tussah silk became 158 yards of the angel fluff…

Doesn't this look like hot cocoa with whipped cream....yummy.


I also spun up some of the same stuff in a beautiful Scarlet red, but it is still drying and not ready for picture day.

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Introducing Kyrie’s Crazy Fairy Coat Adventures!

Two days ago I went to Katwise’s etsy page and was inspired to insanity…

Katwise's Coat

I want one…badly. So badly that the minute I saw she was offering a tutorial on how to make your own coat I snapped it up. I read the 75 page document in 45 minutes and have been obsessed ever since.  Within an hour of reading my sweater coat guide however, I realized I was in a large amount of trouble. You see fair readers…I live in the desert. I chose six years ago to get a close to the sun as I possibly could and have been happily residing in the desert since then.

This means that after 3 hours of searching thrift shops I had 2 useable sweaters, which I was pretty surprised by. I know for a fact that people from Arctic climates move to Vegas every day. What shocked me is that none of them appear to give their unneeded woolies away. I found two sweaters…that’s right two. Since I need at least 20 sweaters for this project I saw a bit of a problem.

Okay I admit it is more of a huge gigantic problem….because I foresaw centuries of combing  thrift stores before there were enough for me to actually make a coat myself. That is when the most intriguing idea struck me. What if…I knitted my own sweater. What if, I went through my stash and used the yarn I have been collecting since I started knitting a few years ago.

My first instinct was that is CRAZY! However, the more I thought about it the more intrigued I became with the idea. The next thing I knew it was 3:30 am and I had a started a Crazy Fairy Coat journal… I had fifteen pages of notes on how I would knit the coat instead of cutting up sweaters and making them into the coat. I got out all my Stitchionary books and started looking at cabling patterns and pattern to just introduce texture into the pieces. I am fascinated with the concept of this project, because it is an opportunity to play with textures and colors and felting and just create and see what happens!

I put out a call on Ravelry (if you don’t know about Ravelry and you knit or crochet click the link!!) asking people for their thoughts, and ideas as well as any old wool sweaters they were planning on getting rid of. I know this is a long shot, but hey it cannot hurt to ask. 😉 Some very nice people from cold places in the world offered to go thrift store shopping for me and send me sweaters. AWESOME!!!

I thought about the coat all the time. I would go to bed thinking about the coat, I would wake up at night thinking about the coat…four or five times a night. I would wake up thinking about the coat in the morning before my eyes even opened. I scoured Ravelry thinking about pattern styles I want to incorporate into my coat. I looked at 100s of sweaters and wrote pros and cons lists on each possibility for a bodice. (I may be a bit obsessed, I admit nothing.)  I talked about it with my knit group Sin City Knits, they were kind and receptive and….oh alright I admit it they looked at me like I’d lost my ever lovin` mind. Once they had gotten over the shock of the idea they were all like Wow! Good luck with that you go!…Well that’s how I took it anyway. 🙂

I decided to use my stash yarn, because…I have a bit, and it would be more cost-effective. This thought made me realize that I was going to have to go through my stash so I would know what I had to work with. I knew I would probably have to buy the yarn for the bodice because I didn’t have enough for a full bodice in one color.

This morning at 6:30 am I was awake thinking about my coat so I got up to start pulling my stash out of my yarn cabinet and this conversation happened:

Husbeast: OH MY GOD! Where did all of this come from?!?

Me: Ahhh, from the yarn cabinet…you saw me taking it out.

Husbeast: There is no way you got all that out of there!

Me: Ahhh but you watched me do it, and haven’t I been complaining for a while that I needed nets so it would stop playing avalanche on me…I swear it all came out of there.

At which point he went off to get a camera because he says he needed photographic proof of my insanity for later. I thought I would let you see for yourself, I swear to you this is not a bad yarn habit…I have seen worse.

Just getting it all out of yarn cabinet. View from the Couch


View behind the couch

This is when I realized…I needed more storage bins.

I NEEEEEED more bins, Bella has woken up and wants to help sort.

So I ran to Wal-mart and hit the JACKPOT! 19 stackable bins on clearance for $1 each. *Insert happy dance here*

Yarn sorted by weight

Ahhhh happiness, chaos contained. I happily sorted it all by weight. Except my hand-spun because I wanted to keep that all together. Can you believe I have a whole bin of it by itself! I’ve only been spinning for about 8 months or so. It is the middle bin on the right if you were wondering. 😉

After this step having pulled out a few of my hand knit sweaters I realized I have a good start toward recycling some of my hand knits that I’m not all that fond of for various reasons.

Sweaters I plan to cannibalize for my coat

Yes that sweater has hands…it was supposed to be a Queen of the Wild Things sweater…but I had problems with the hood and never finished it. So welcome to my insanity, I plan to blog about this entire project from start to finish. I’m off to go knit some swatches cables pieces for my sweater! I hope you come back and see how I’m doing. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the project.